Cartune Rallye 2020

A VW Road Rallye!

I have noticed a distinct lack of driving based events here in the U.K. with exception to regular show convoys, so I thought it'd be an idea to put on a very informal "rallye."  This will NOT be a timed event and there will be no winner. The proposal for now is for a gathering of enthusiasts to meet at a set point and navigate a pre-set route.  This way it will stay low cost and accessible. 

The Plan.

What's in mind? Nothing is concrete and I am open to your suggestions, so if you think of something please let me know.  My thoughts were to meet somewhere on the outskirts of the Peak District and head on out for a 2 hour or so driving tour, each car setting off in minute intervals. I though of this location as it is relatively central and there are some great roads to drive around. A route will be planned out and with the help of a navigator you will set out to complete the route with a map. Then finish somewhere, probably a pub. Having fun here is key, it is NOT a competition, so please no speeding /racing or doing anything that will attract unwanted attention. You will be participating at your own risk.


The event will be open to any Aircooled type 1 or 3 VW with a distinct nod to a period rallye style or oldspeed racer style. No type 2's (sorry).  Open to all years of manufacture. Period correct or reproductions of period alloy wheels accepted.  Engine size is irrelevant. Please email to register your interest so I can get an idea of numbers. As said nothing is concrete, not even location, so please do get in touch if you have something to add!