the cartune 1200 beetle


1200 + extras

Cartune supplied Volkswagens, with some of their parts fitted as extras. This un-assuming beetle is one of those. By 1968 the standard 1200 (basic) model was just that. Basic.

Cartune set about the 1200 with a series of upgrades to improve it's overall drive ability and performance. They would also sell you this fettled version for the same price as the standard 1200. Winner!


There were some fairly boring upgrades like dash grab handle and a fuel gauge, but the bits that are of real interest here are the 14mm front anti-roll bar (pictured) A pair of stainless straight thru taper tips and an adjustable carburetor main jet. The latter is somewhat frowned upon these days, but with these two engine mods alone, they were able to get a bit more urge from the 1200.


O.k, it's not Econo motors stuff going on here, but the idea is the same. It shaved 4 seconds off the 0-60 time, which isn't to be sniffed at considering it was the same price as a stock 1200. If you squint it looks like a very British version of EMPI. Cartune took a car and improved it for a British market. I wish they'd pushed the boat our further and made a larger CC'd version with a full range of accessories. Too risky for the 1970's though. The information and photos are taken from Peter Noad's retro column.